Bruno B. de S.

Main department:
Mechanical Engineering

Why did you choose INSA Lyon? Fields of study, laboratories, school reputation, experiencing French life?

I chose it for the different training approach with quality, for the richness in laboratories (far better than in my home university) and for its location which allows you to travel to many awesome places. And for the city's academic life reputation, of course.

What did you enjoy during your INSA Lyon experience?

Life on campus is wonderful, there are plenty of sports to do, and with exceptional conditions. The food is great at the restaurant! Nice quality. There is a huge amount of international students (even though none of them are is Portuguese like me).

What did you enjoy in Lyon?

Life in Lyon is intense and the public transports are the best. I feel safe when walking around in Lyon.

What advice would you offer to future exchange students?

Get a French TV channel, it helps a lot to learn the language.