Safire T.

Main department:
Electrical Engineering

Why did you choose INSA Lyon? Fields of study, laboratories, school reputation, experiencing French life?

Because of the general training in the Department of Electrical Engineering and the reputation of the school. INSA Lyon was the top-ranked school among those associated with my home university.

What did you enjoy during your INSA Lyon experience?

I like life on campus since I'm living in Résidence E and everything is so close - the library, my classes and K-fêt. I'm also very pleased with Humanities, my French courses (during summer school and the regular ones) and the opportunity to join TANDEM. It has been a great language learning experience for me. And finally, I enjoy the extra activities organized by my Department (I have already participated in 2 trips and many meetings) and the student associations.

What did you enjoy in Lyon?

Everything. I love Lyon! The public transport system, the night life, the museums, the old city, the people and how safe and clean it is.

What advice would you offer to future exchange students?

Make sure that you have a map of the campus on your mobile!