Craig G.

Main department:
Energy and Environmental Engineering

Why did you choose INSA Lyon? Fields of study, laboratories, school reputation, experiencing French life?

I chose INSA Lyon as I had never been to France before and wanted to experience the culture. I also heard of how great the city of Lyon is for its vibrant youth culture. INSA was also proposed to be a good place to study by fellow students. The laboratories provided are sufficient for our field of study and project.

What did you enjoy during your INSA Lyon experience?

INSA Lyon is a very active university with many different clubs, myself and my flatmate joined a football club to experience the different style of football compared to the more physical game back home. There seem to be a lot of Erasmus events organised which is a good way to meet other students in similar situations to yourself.

What did you enjoy in Lyon?

The city itself is beautiful with the different historic sites such as the Roman Ampitheatres and the churches. It is a very student based culture so there are a lot of vibrant pubs and restaurants. The transport systems are very efficient and run frequently.

What advice would you offer to future exchange students?

Make sure you take advantage of being in such a beautiful city, there are a lot of amazing sites to see which will take up a fair amount of time.