Constanze M.

Main department:
Civil Engineering and Urban Planning

Why did you choose INSA Lyon? Fields of study, laboratories, school reputation, experiencing French life?

I chose INSA Lyon mainly because I’d only ever heard good things about it. A friend of mine did a double degree in Lyon and he fell in love with the city so much that he’s still here. He told me a lot about the city and now that I’m here, I am not disappointed. I love Lyon! I also chose INSA because it’s our partner university in Lyon.

What did you enjoy during your INSA Lyon experience?

I’ve really enjoyed life on campus! I’m glad I haven’t had to worry about my flat, laundry or post. There’s a contact person for everything. You are never alone. What’s more, the students are very friendly and helpful. All in all, the student body and lecturers make up a small group. So, I’ve never felt lost.

What did you enjoy in Lyon?

Lyon is an unbelievably beautiful city with magnificent architecture. I like the small lanes, innumerable cafés, and its riverbanks and many pubs and restaurants. There’s a new event every weekend in the city, there’s always something to visit or do. I enjoy using the public bikes, vélov, to cross the Parc de la Tête d'or, cycle along the Rhône and into the city centre. When the sun is shining, it’s really lovely!

What advice would you offer to future exchange students?

Make the most of every moment because it just flies by.