Ian GB.

Main department:
Civil Engineering and Urban Planning
Exchange programme

Why did you choose INSA Lyon? Fields of study, laboratories, school reputation, experiencing French life?

INSA Lyon is known as the best French civil engineering school, so I chose to spend my final year of study here in order to live a truly enriching experience for my personal and professional life. Research at INSA Lyon is also fantastic, because students can use modern and quality facilities. Honestly, choosing INSA Lyon was one of the best choices I made for my future as an engineer.

What did you enjoy during your INSA Lyon experience?

During the first few months I spent here, I really enjoyed the teaching methods, which are a lot different from those in my university in Brazil. I had the opportunity to discover a new way of teaching engineering. Here, the corporate world is close to students throughout their courses, so they can know about the professional life of engineers. What’s more, campus life is very interesting, with many cultural events and a strong link with humanities.

What did you enjoy in Lyon?

Lyon is an amazing city, where you can find very interesting lifestyle, with rich historical heritage, that contains an outstanding cultural background. Furthermore, Lyon has some of the largest universities in France, so the city is always full of life and with tons of student associations that you can join and find events to be part of. The weather is warm and sunny during the summer, while it is a bit cold and rainy in winter – but besides the rain and the cold, you can always go out and find cool things to do- .

What advice would you offer to future exchange students?

Come to INSA Lyon! It's an amazing school, where you can find some of the greatest technology teachers and catch up with people from all over the world. I strongly advise anyone who wants to be part of a world-class school to join INSA Lyon.