• When do semesters take place?

    - Semester 1 (September 2021 - January 2022) 
      => Application deadline : April 25, 2021

    - Semester 2 (End of January 2022 until end of June 2022)
    => Application deadline : October 17th, 2021


  • How do I apply?

    Application form and list of documents available at: https://www.insa-lyon.fr/en/exchange-students

    How will I know if I have been accepted as an exchange student?

    The selection committee’s final decision (acceptance or refusal of applications) will be sent to the candidates and their home universities by email. This email is the official answer from INSA Lyon.

    How many courses should I take?

    Students can take up to a maximum of 30 ECTS per semester.

    NB: the INSA system may differ from those in other countries regarding the number of ECTS credits associated with the hours of courses given. The courses at INSA require a lot of face-to-face instruction (even during plenary courses or during exercise sessions) but the amount of independent work is lower than in most countries.

  • Do I need to be fluent in French to participate in an exchange programme at INSA Lyon?

    Level B1 (according to the CECR) is highly recommended

    Students must fulfil specific English and/or French language requirements based on the chosen study scheme.

    Can I take French courses?

    International students have the special opportunity to attend an intensive French course before semester starts.

    • An intensive summer school: 3-week courses (85 hours) – 4 ECTS.
      An intensive winter school: 2-week courses (40 hours) – 2 ECTS.
    • http://ecole-ete.insa-lyon.fr/en/

    12-18 pupils per class take part in French lessons and activities. 

    International students can attend extensive French courses throughout the academic year; on average 2 hours per week. Attending this course is free of charge and mandatory for exchange students who do not have at least a B1 level in French.

  • Will I need to pay tuition fees?

    As an exchange student you are exempt from paying tuition fees, but there are still some costs you should take into account when planning your stay. You can use this list to help you think about all the possible expenses you may have:

    • Rent
    • Meals
    • Health Insurance
    • Books
    • Transportation
    • Communication
    • Clothes
    • Personal expenses
    • Recreation
    • Travel
    • Taxes
  • Do I need a visa to come to France ?

    All the information about passports and visas is available at https://www.insa-lyon.fr/en/right-residence-france

    Do I have to sign up for health insurance?

    All the information about health security and insurances is available at https://www.insa-lyon.fr/en/health-security-insurances

  • What is life like on the INSA Lyon campus outside of term time?

    INSA Lyon is located on the LyonTech-La Doua Campus, 15 minutes from the centre of Lyon. It is a smart, bustling and responsible campus with its halls of residence, canteens, classrooms and sports facilities. The LyonTech-La Doua campus has everything to make life easier. Beside their studies, students have the opportunity to discover many leisure activities as well as Lyon’s exceptional cultural heritage.

    What type of accommodation is available?

    INSA offers several types of accommodation; 3200 students can be allocated to 11 halls of residence. Apartments are furnished and equipped with a bathroom, toilet and kitchenette, and have internet access (€360 to €500/month).

    Are there catering outlets on the campus?

    INSA Lyon’s restaurants are open 7 days a week (except on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings). They are located on the campus.